Core Concepts Of Competitive Esports Gaming

Esteban Kallo
July 1, 2019 0 Comment

Like any other sport, competitive eSports gaming has its core concepts and principles that play a major role in its successful growth. Conversely, it also has certain contemporary issues that affect its modern platform. With the fast growth of competitive gaming, the criteria of making it a success is also changing.

The core principles of eSports gaming are balance, constantly evolving meta game, and upper skill limit. The most prominent feature of professional competitive gaming is the balance that will not allow the players or viewers to get bored with an infinite repetition of same tactics and weapons.

Hence, it can result in poor game play without the balance.

The meta game of competitive gaming is the constant evolution of gamers experience over time while the game is being played. It allows the players to experience new scenarios of eSports gaming and stay electrifying for visual spectators. An upper skill limit helps in differentiating between an average player and a seasoned pro. A game can stay competitive as the professionals are able to show their superior abilities. These criteria are critical to prolong the popularity of eSports gaming by keeping the players and viewers interested in the game.

However, new criteria have developed to make the competitive games appealing with the expanding audience.

An important aspect of eSports gaming is related to the viewers of the game. It refers to the ease of viewing or keeping a track of an eSports game. The experience of viewing the competitive games is a lot easier than playing with the observer cameras transferring nicely with MOBAs and RTS games. Another aspect relates to the ease of access to get the newcomers involved in a game.

League of Legends, run by Riot games perfectly fulfill the criteria by offering the customer to watch or play the game for free without purchasing.

It helped them in generating a large number of viewers, players and eSports gaming fans.
The desire for aesthetics has been of no importance for gamers as long as they are clear about their goals and enemies.

However, sponsors and investors consider the creativity and vibrant color schemes for increasing the eSports gaming viewership apart from the traditional hardcore gamers. The most appealing factor for outside investors of eSports gaming is its global popularity and impact. Sponsorships and advertising of eSports can have a great global impact for multinational companies since millions of people watch the tournaments across the world.