Best Gaming Pc Under 1500

Esteban Kallo
June 22, 2019 0 Comment

The increasing sophistication of computer gaming has created a need for a PC with a video card and processor that can keep up. Though gamers often choose to build their own custom unit, there are several computers you can purchase that are customized to your preferences. Once customized to your needs, a gaming computer not only dominates the world of your favorite game, it handles everyday tasks at lightning speed.

One drawback to purchasing a gaming PC is the rate at which it can become outdated. For the newest, biggest and baddest equipment, gamers can expect to drop $10,000 or more.

However, there are many great options with a budget-friendly cap of $1,500. Here are the best gaming PCs currently available.

The Origin Genesis Custom Gaming PC offers complete customization, so that much like your favorite game, your adventure can go in whatever direction you choose. No other company offers as much customization freedom as Origin which gives the buyer control over components like the case and motherboard. Origin only uses the highest quality parts and you can get a low end model for about $1400. That so-called low end model would include a Core i3 processor mounted on an ASUS gaming motherboard as well as a Radeon 5670.

There are options that will yield a less expensive model, but you can buy with confidence and complete customization if you have a little extra in your spending budget. The sheer freedom and ability for true customization makes the Origin Genesis the best gaming PC on the market.

A less well-known, but very suitable second to the Origin is the Maingear F131. Maingear doesnt offer the same customization options as their competitors, but with quality parts and motherboards from companies such as Gigabyte and ASUS, the F131 rises above much of the competition.

The AMD version of this system features a 2.8 GHz quad-core processor and ATI Radeon 5670 graphics for a steal at $1225. You can upgrade the video card and processor for another $500 and take the companys second fastest machine from an adequate device to a top-tier gaming PC.

Yet another great option is the Falcon Northwest Fragbox Custom Gaming PC. The Fragbox differs from many of its counterparts because its designed for portability. The handle on top of the PC makes it easier to transport and a fan favorite at LAN parties. It is an amazing value as is and when enhanced with the $100 upgrade for the Nvidia GTX 460, the Fragbox masters modern games at high detail settings.

Two other good buys in this category are the Alienware Aurora Gaming PC and the iBuyPower Paladin F725 Gaming PC. Alienwares Aurora comes with a Core i3 processor Radeon HD 5670, a combination that is suitable for most modern games.

If you choose this model, be prepared to work with restrictive customization options and a lack of brand-name hardware.

Despite the drawbacks, there are several upgrades that can be purchased and this system is a great value overall. The iBuyPower Paladin F725 Gaming PC doesnt come from a gaming PC manufacturer like the other systems in this category, but it can be customized to meet most gamers needs from a $1000 to a $3000 price range. The wide variety of options can be confusing and offers high-end and low-end choices.

If youre not ready to give up gaming long enough to build your dream machine, any of these options are sufficient if not more than adequate to get you back in the game quickly. The ability to customize and upgrade any machine guarantees that your needs are met, without busting your budget.